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Artigos em Periódicos
  1. BRESSER-PEREIRA, Luiz Carlos ; Araújo, Eliane ; Gala, Paulo . An empirical study of the substitution of foreign for domestic savings in Brazil. Economia, v. 15(1), p. 54-67, 2014. (doi)
  2. Bortoluzzo, A. B. ; GARCIA, M. P. S. ; BOEHE, D. M. ; SHENG, HSIA HUA . Desempenho de Fusões e Aquisições cross Border: Uma Análise Empírica do Caso Brasileiro. RAE, v. 54(6), p. 659-671, 2014 (doi)
  3. Carvalho, A. G.; Gallucci Neto, H. & Sampaio, J. O. Private Equity and Venture Capital in Brazil: an analysis of its evolution. Brazilian Review of Finance, v. 12(4), p. 499-515, 2014. (pdf)
  4. HENNART, JEAN-FRANÇOIS ; SHENG, HSIA HUA ; PIMENTA, GUSTAVO . Local complementary inputs as drivers of entry mode choices: The case of US investments in Brazil. International Business Review, v. 24(3), p. 466-475, 2015. (doi)
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  6. SHENG, H. H. ; SILVA, W. M. . The Big Family: Informal Financing of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses by Guanxi. Thunderbird International Business Review (Print), v. 56, p. 157-171, 2014. (pdf)
  7. FERNANDES, MAURICIO ; SHENG, HSIA ; Lora, Mayra . Securitization, Credit Rating and Issuers’ Characteristics. BBR. Brazilian Business Review, v. 11, p. 1-21, 2014. (doi)
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  9. FERNANDES, Marcelo ; NUNES, Ricardo . Corporate debt securities from Brazilian firms: Shall one invest in the local or in the international market?. Brazilian Review of Econometrics, v. 34, p. 125-154, 2014. (pdf)
  10. COELHO, Danilo ; FERNANDES, Marcelo ; FOGUEL, Miguel N. . Foreign capital and gender differences in promotions: Evidence From a Large Brazilian Manufacturing Firms. Economía (Washington, D.C.), v.49(2) 2014. (pdf)
  11. SCHARTH, Marcel ; FERNANDES, Marcelo ; MEDEIROS, M. C. . Modeling and predicting the CBOE market volatility index. Journal of Banking & Finance, v.40, p. 1-10, 2014. (leading article) (doi)
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