The CEQEF - Center for Quantitative Studies in Economics and Finance seeks to coordinate research related to the application of quantitative and computational techniques to various areas of economics and finance.

Additionally, the center provides support to companies and government agencies in solving complex problems linked to their areas of expertise. CEQEF members are professors from FGV and external collaborators - professors from other institutions and market professionals with exceptional academic backgrounds.

CEQEF is closely linked to the Master's and Doctoral Programs of the School of Economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas as well as to the Professional Master's Programs in Finance and Business Economics; Financial Macroeconomics and Quantitative Finance at the School of Economics in São Paulo.

The Center follows a global trend of establishing research groups dedicated to the study of quantitative techniques with applications in finance and economics. Among the most prominent are: Oxford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Princeton University, University of Technology Sydney, Cass Business School, and Kyoto University.


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Pedro Luiz Valls Pereira

Coordinator of CEQEF

Linhas de Pesquisa

As atividades do Centro de Estudos Quantitativos em Economia e Finanças (CEQEF) da Fundação Getúlio Vargas compreendem, em sua maior parte, as seguintes áreas de interesse:


  • Asset Prices
  • Econometric Models
  • Numerical Methods Applied to Finance and Economics
  • Artificial Intelligence tools applied to Finance and Economics
  • Risk Management (market, credit, liquidity and operational)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Empirical Finance