The Centre of Quantitative Studies in Economics and Finance (CEQEF) aims to coordinate research in quantitative and computing techniques applied to several areas of Economics and Finance. It also provides companies and government agencies with expertise for the solution to complex technical problems and advisory services for advanced applications.

The members of the CEQEF are professors from São Paulo School of Economics - FGV and external collaborators - professors from other educational institutions as well as professionals from the private and not-for-profit sectors, who have outstanding academic backgrounds. The CEQEF works closely with the Master´s and Doctoral Programs from the São Paulo School of Economics as well as the Professional Master´s Program in Corporate Finance and Economics, Financial Macroeconomics and Quantitative Finance at São Paulo School of Economics.
The CEQEF follows a world tendency for establishing groups of researchers dedicated to the study of quantitative techniques with applications in finance and economics, such as those carried out at the following renowned institutions; Oxford, MIT, Carnegie-Mellow, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Princeton University, University Technology Sydney, Cass Business School, and Kyoto University.
Pedro Luiz Valls Pereira

CEQEF Coordinator


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